In-Home Respite Service for Caregivers in McDowell County, WV

Short Term Relief for Full Time Family Caregivers

The McDowell County Commission on Aging offers in-home respite service for caregivers throughout McDowell County. This program is designed to provide short-term relief for family members who are providing full-time care for frail, older family members with medical or behavioral issues. Caregivers expend significant amounts of their time and energy serving the continual demands of seniors with special needs. Respite care provides the opportunity for caregivers to receive a necessary break.

Caregiver Support to Rest, Recharge, and Take Care of Essential Chores

Respite services are not optional for long-term caregivers, they are essential. It is important for those caring for the comprehensive needs of an elderly family member to be able to complete the tasks necessary to take care of themselves, as well as their family members. Our in-home respite services enable caregivers a period of time to do grocery shopping, pay bills, or simply take a few moments to remember that life exists beyond their caregiving duties. By offering valuable time to take care of essential chores, rest, and recharge, our respite support program enables caregivers to better cope with the emotional and physical toll of providing full-time care. Our respite care providers also lend a sympathetic ear to caregivers who may be facing significant social isolation.

Eligibility and Funding for McDowell County Respite Service

The respite program offered by the McDowell County Commission on Aging is available to eligible caregivers who are providing full-time care for a family member aged 60 or older in their home. Funding is based solely on donations. With the support of our generous public and private donors, we are able to offer much needed relief for those individuals who are devoting their lives to caring for the needs of another. These short periods of relief are very important for the health and well-being of local caregivers. We would like to thank everyone who has made this program possible.

Help for Caregivers is Available in McDowell County, WV

If you are a caregiver who would like to learn more about our respite services, contact the McDowell County Commission on Aging at: (304) 436-6588. Remember: You cannot properly take care of the needs of another without adequately taking care of yourself. When every day seems the same and it feels like you have nothing to look forward to, scheduled respite care can provide you with the opportunity to care for your well-being. Help is available.